1. The following Weekday Student Promo 2024 is available to students who purchased any ramens/dons (excluding Kid’s ramen and Kid’s don) for dine-in at Kanada-Ya PLQ Mall outlet during the Promotion Period: 


  • 1 Student with purchase of at least 1 Ramen/Don – 10% off total bill 
  • 2 Students with purchase of at least 2 Ramens/Dons – 15% off total bill 
  • 3 Students with purchase of at least 3 Ramens/Dons – 20% off total bill 
  • 4 Students with purchase of at least 4 Ramens/Dons – 25% off total bill 
  • 5 Students with purchase of at least 5 Ramens/Dons – 30% off total bill 

*Promotion does not include Kid’s Ramen and Don 

2. This promotion (hereinafter referred to as “the Promotion”) is conducted by Kanada-Ya Restaurants Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Kanada-Ya” and includes its subsidiaries, affiliates, associates, and/or other related companies which may be located within or outside of Singapore), and is subject to the terms and conditions herein. 

3. The Promotion shall be ongoing from 2nd May 2024 – 30th Jun 2024 excluding weekends and public holidays (“Promotion Period”) unless otherwise informed by Kanada-  Ya 

4. The Promotion is not applicable in conjunction with or in addition to any other on-going promotion unless otherwise stated or informed by Kanada-Ya. 

5. Students are required to flash their student pass to Kanada-Ya staff to verify that they are students in order to enjoy the promotion. 

6. All images and photos shown are for illustration purposes only. 

7. Kanada-Ya reserves the right to add vary any of the terms and conditions herein at any time.